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We are a growing church in North Central Massachusetts. We believe the Bible is the unerring word of God and know Jesus died for our sins.

Pastor John Roy
Location: (Apr-Nov) First Congregational Church, Olde Winchendon Centre Church
(Dec-Mar) Our kitchens and living rooms (please help us find a permanent home)


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Last Sunday was our last day in the Olde Centre church in Winchendon. Each year they shut the church down for the winter and we are displaced to our homes, kitchens and living rooms. We appreciate the church society so much for letting us rent that beautiful historic building each year.

Please pray that we find a larger place to meet in the winter as we are growing. Also pray (if it is His will) that we find a permanent church home.

If anyone knows of a large room and would like some winter rent for 4 months, please let me know.


Pastor John